“How to cleanse your skin”


Not only is your skin the largest organ in your body, covering you from head to toe, but it is also a very significant part of your overall body’s defense system. That is why a cleansing skin care routine is vital for a healthier body and feeling of general wellness.

The skin works 24 hours a day, every day of your life, protecting you against infection. cleansing skin careIt acts as the first line of defense against anything that tries to attack your health. So, you can see why it is so important to look after your skin and help keep it performing at its best.

Not only that, but by looking after your skin now, making sure you keep it clean and healthy, you will also help to prevent any future problems like skin cancer or wrinkles. It may seem like it doesn’t need to concern you yet, but rest assured that time will come upon you faster than you can prepare for it.

Proper hygiene should be a part of our daily lives, in all aspects. That includes keeping ourselves clean and feeling our best, in order to promote better health and well-being. Here are some tips which demonstrate how to incorporate a cleansing skin care routine into your life:

    1. Start simple
    You do not need expensive cleaners to look after your skin well. There are many natural, organic skin care products available which work great and are inexpensive.

    2. Begin early
    Don’t keep putting it off, waiting for a better time. If you want to have healthy skin as you age, you need to start now. You will never be too young to begin a good skin care regime, but you can be too late. Look after and treat your skin well so that it will keep looking and feeling its best as you get older.

    3. Use only lukewarm water
    Water that is too hot will dehydrate your skin, leaving it open to more damage, and you can even end up scalding or burning your face. On the other hand, water that is too cold will dry out your skin.

    4. Use mild cleansers
    Avoid the harsh cleansers that are composed of strong chemicals which can dissolve your skin’s natural proteins and oils. These ultimately do more harm than good. Facial cleansing products should be as chemical-free as possible.

    Use natural, organic skin care cleansers if you can. Never use deodorant soaps on your face because they use harsh ingredients and can leave you with a film on your skin that can irritate it and clog your pores.

    5. Tone it
    Toning is good to help keep the skin clear and feeling firm. The best ones to use are ones which contain alpha hydroxyl acids and glycolic. Never use the ones that are made with alcohol or are marked photosensitive.

    6. Clean gently
    Scrubbing your skin raw to ensure it is clean is not necessary at all, and can actually damage or tear the skin. Exfoliation is good to use to get rid of dead skin cells, just don’t overdo it and hurt your skin more than helping it.

    7. Moisturize it
    Moisturizers are necessary to prevent the loss of water in your skin. They work by either drawing moisture to the outer layer of skin, or coat the surface of the skin with a film that seals in the natural moisture. The best moisturizers to use are those with pure vitamin E or Aloe Vera oil.

    The oil can be found in liquid form or inside a capsule which you can break open and apply directly to the skin. Since under the eyes is one of the first spots to show signs of aging, these oils can be a wonderful treatment for this sensitive skin.

Start your cleansing skin care routine as early as you can!

clean skinDeciding to follow a cleansing skin care routine early on is vital to maintaining your healthy skin and your overall wellness. Find products that work well for you, and follow through with your skin care plans every day, so that you can ensure you have healthy skin for life.

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